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Join The StorySet Influencer Network

Are you a blogger with strong writing skills who loves to share great resources and products through amazing storytelling? The StorySet Influencer Network is perfect for you!

The StorySet Influencer Network has grown out of the incredible network of storytellers who gather on Findery to plot their stories on the map.

What kind of writers are we looking for?  

We’re looking for writers who can’t resist the lure of new discoveries and can’t keep themselves from telling everyone what they’ve found. No discovery is too big or too small, too near or too far!

Join the StorySet Influencer Network and enjoy:

  • A great platform for sharing your stories. Reach hundreds of thousands of new readers through the Findery platform – Website, iOS, Android, and Windows app, as well as through our content partners.
  • An easy way to share travel finds and link to relevant blog posts.
  • Opportunities to guest post on the Findery Blog and on the StorySet Tool Kit. 
  • Opportunities to participate in influencer campaigns with brands and travel destinations.

Sign up today by filling out the form below. We’ll be in touch soon!

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please email Jessica Jordan at We look forward to hearing all of your stories.

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