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Opening up Findery!

by on October 11, 2012

Since our initial launch on February 16th, our members have been creating tens of thousands of wonderful notes around the world for others to find. As we were in private beta, they were unavailable for the wider world to enjoy. Well, today we’ve moved from private to public beta. Come see the world through our members’ eyes. It’s a very interesting place.

Visitors and members can share notes via the snazzy buttons that you’ll see on public notes. You no longer need to request an invite to sign up — click the big “Sign Up!” button at the top when you’re ready to create your account.

This is only the beginning. Maps for Notes that you can embed on other sites and video embedding within Findery are coming soon. You’ll soon be able to save the places that you’d like to visit. And yes, we continue to work on our iPhone and Android apps. Come work with us — we’re hiring.

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