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Hello Findery!

by on July 27, 2012

Because of a name conflict in the United States, today we are changing our name to Findery! We will be serving the site at and beside our name change, the service will remain the same — finding and leaving notes around the world.

We’re still in beta, and we’re still invite only, but you can sign up at the site as usual, and can now find us on Twitter at @FinderyHQ as well as on Facebook at FinderyHQ.

I figure while I’m here I’ll answer some more questions, which I know will be coming.

Where did the name “Findery” come from?
We had been planning on calling our ‘Explore’-type page “Findery” and last year I’d registered some domains with that name. It’s descriptive of what our service does — Finding and discovering things about the world around you. We love the name!

That beautiful lantern, what is it?
Our new emblem. Amber is making all kinds of lanterns that we’ll use to illustrate the site; this is just the first of many. Plus we’ll make lantern schwag, have nighttime lantern festivals at future FinderyCons, and literally and figuratively light your way to every last wonderful thing in the world.

When will you launch, whole hog, to the public?
We haven’t set a launch date yet. Fall looks most likely, but things change. But “whole hog”? Do people even use that phrase any more?

When will the iPhone or Android app be available?
We have an iPhone app in development and are hiring both iOS and Android developers. Please send us a resume at if you like what we’re doing and we’ll think you’re awesome.

What is “2bkco”?
The  parent company makes Findery is called 2bkco, Inc. It’s a name I came up with in the lawyer’s office because we needed to call ourselves something and I was on the spot. It is pronounced “Tube Bee Cake Oh”, and I drew a little graphic to explain. Here it is:


Back to work. Thanks to all the beta testers so far who have been leaving awesome notes! There are a ton of new features coming as we near our launch, so stay tuned.

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